Early Access

Didimo is making access to a new suite of capabilities, tools, and support available to the public before the formal launch in late October to learn, co-build, and finalize elements with you. We are releasing a significant product upgrade, based largely on input from our clients and developers over the past year, and we want to ensure we are meeting your needs successfully. Early Access allows us to complete final characteristics while learning with you and also allowing you to start to build for the product and service that will be live in a few weeks.



We're delighted to announce...

Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5

Transfer Formats

  • New default glTF file format supported in Unity
  • Continued support for FBX
  • Support for JPEG input image format, including all EXIF orientations
  • Support for PNG input image format


  • New LOD 4 optimized for consumer hardware
  • Improved shapes for better animation
  • Increased anatomical correctness in eyes & mouth
  • Reduced number of meshes: 5 meshes down from 12
  • Improve hair-fitting method
  • Enable fitting of user-supplied assets


  • Texture scaling with configurable maximum output dimension (512px, 1024px, 2048px)
  • Improved Textures: lips, mouth bag, eyelids
  • Additional Textures: SSS AO texture


  • New bone-based rig
  • Highly accurate pose retargeting
  • Eyelid intersection monitoring
  • Handling of head rotation via neck joints
  • ARKit animation support
  • Oculus LipSync support
  • AWS Polly support

Didimo Specification

Cloud API

  • HTTPS only REST API that supports the Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5 features
  • Simpler auth system, based on API Key
  • Ability to search didimos based on keys, favourite status, expiry date and status
  • Webhook support
  • Didimo retention policy applied to didimos
  • Postman collection with the didimo-related endpoints
  • CLI compatible with the new API and Didimo Generation Pipeline versions

Unity SDK v3.0

Functionality Overview

  • Load didimos in runtime
  • Import didimos into project
  • High-quality shaders for URP
  • Facial animation
  • Hairstyles
  • Sample integration with didimo API
  • Fitting service


  • ARKit facial motion capture
  • Amazon Polly text-to-speech
  • Oculus, with Lipsync support

Unity SDK Docs

Customer Portal

  • Generate didimos using the current tier highest spec
  • Configure webhook URLs for each application
  • Configure DGP for each application
  • Check didimo details - features, expiry date, DGP version
  • Favorite / unfavorite didimos

Oculus Showcase App v1.0

Functionality Overview

  • Meet a Didimo scene
  • Didimo Inspector scene
  • Lip Sync Demonstrator scene.


  • Amazon Polly Text to Speech
  • ARKit Driven Animations
  • Oculus LipSync