Platform Release 21#21

We're happy to release an update to our DGP, Cloud API, Unity SDK and Customer Portal. Details below

Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.2

  • Updated template blendshapes and hairstyles
  • Corrected shape artifacts in nostrils
  • Improved depth image based reconstruction
  • HEIF format support
  • Improved image orientation estimation in absence of EXIF metadata


Find out more about the didimo package here

Cloud API

  • Improved payloads for didimo generation request errors (which now include a Description and a TraceId)
  • Added support for HEIC file format as input
  • Added experimental support for RGB-D input types
  • Didimo output packages now include the DMX file that can be used to fit assets


Find out more about the Cloud API here

Unity SDK v3.2.0

  • Didimo manager 'quick fix' buttons to apply recommended project settings
  • Various improvement to hairs
  • Eyelash rendering iteration
  • Art asset updates
  • Added README files for all the Examples in Core and Oculus folders
  • Add xml docstrings to examples and core classes
  • Added a performance Inspector scene
  • Add any missing namespaces to Didimo related classes
  • Lookat target example
  • CameraConfig usable improvements file specific for MeetADidimo
  • MeetADidimo example now has camera movement support
  • Removed usage of DidimoResources
  • Fixed bug: Importing animations without keyframe compression
  • Fixed bug: NetworkDemo change hair errors gracefully if no didimo exists


Find out more about the Unity SDK here

Customer Portal

  • Added support for feature selection when generating a didimo
  • Added (points) cost predictor based on the selected features when generation a didimo
  • Fixed filter didimos issue that happened when an invalid key pattern was supplied
  • Applications are now visible by default for new accounts
  • Multiple UI improvements


Find out more about the Customer Portal here