2.5 Didimo Specification


Quick Start Guide

Didimo is the only platform that allows you to bring high-quality digital humans to life in your experiences in as little as 90 seconds and at scale.

From inputs as simple as a selfie, our proprietary & patented Didimo Generation Pipeline—a modular set of computer vision, machine learning, 3D geometry, and texture & rigging tools—automates the creation of user-based digital humans. The output is an incredible likeness of your user, capable of high-fidelity animation and control. Our SDKs and tools make it easy to get your first didimo running in minutes.

The Didimo Package

Overview of Package contents

Each didimo is delivered as a ZIP file, containing all the relevant data within it. Didimo ZIPs are provided for direct download
Contained within the ZIP is the 3D mesh and rig, along with texture maps and license information.


If you are operating an on demand model for your customers, the zip should be hosted on your own server.

Geometry Package

At the point of generation, you can define in the request the 3D format that you require your didimo in. We offer two primary options

  1. glTF - used for ingestion of new didimos created at runtime
  2. FBX - Mulit-use universal transfer format

Texture Package

Supplied within the ZIP are all relevant textures associated with the didimo. These textures are provided at a max resolution as defined in the generation request.


Each didimo comes with a license which outlines privacy policy related to personal data and distribution rights.

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