Unity SDK



Download our Unity SDK from Github here

Welcome to our Unity SDK

Following your decision to download the SDK - our goal is to make it as easy and smooth as possible to get you building software. Didimos can be imported into the project by simple drag-and-drop at edit time, or they can be loaded into the scene at runtime. No matter which approach you need, we've got you covered.

The Didimo Unity SDK is a unity package with the main focus of allowing to import and visualize didimos.

  • Set up tools / authentication
  • Importing tools (edit/runtime)
  • Transfer Format Support
  • Cloud API Tools
  • Integrations with other platforms such as AWS Polly and ARKit
  • Hair library and 'Fitting Service'
  • Idle Animation Library

Create, Load and Import

Transfer Formats

Didimos come in either FBX or glTF formats. For Unity, the use of glTF (default) is strongly encouraged, as there is a Didimo glTF extension that allows for the materials (and shaders) to be correctly setup when importing. This format also allows to specify named animation tracks, which integrate directly into our facial animation system. With glTF, didimos are imported and ready to go out of the box.

What’s Next