Platform Release 21#23

We're happy to release an update to our DGP, Cloud API, Unity SDK and Customer Portal. Details below

Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.3

  • Improved eye and mouth submesh fitting for anatomical correctness
  • New topology-preserving blendshape re-targetting method
  • Handle bangs via improved texture blending
  • Updated normal, ambient occlusion and cavity maps
  • Baseball hat (with and without hair) added to internal assets


Find out more about the didimo package here

Cloud API

  • No updates


Find out more about the Cloud API here

Unity SDK v3.3.0

  • SDK import process improved to assist didimos render upon first load.
  • Didimo Manager title corrected and added icon.


Find out more about the Unity SDK here

Customer Portal

  • Improved usability of "Generate" didimos process
  • User is informed to upgrade when a feature is only available on another package.


Find out more about the Customer Portal here