Platform Release 22#04


We're happy to release an update to our Customer Portal, Cloud API, CLI, DGP and Unity SDK. Details below

>> Release Highlights

  • Improved several textures of a didimo - see DGP section for more details (Didimo Specification)
  • You have 3 more hairstyles and a baseball cap to choose from (View Hairstyles)
  • You now get a more descriptive error message when didimo is not found (after expiration or manual deletion). (Check out our Interactive GUI API)
  • Release of several showcase applications: web and VR



> Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.5

  • Remove eyelid crease blurring from output normal map
  • Raise spatial smoothness in texture blending
  • Fix re-targetted eye joints for correct eye animations
  • Updated Normal, AO and Cavity base texture maps
  • Updated base texture to remove hair stubs from top of the head to better fit with our hairstyles
  • Updated eyeLash_Opacidy_pub_1001.png from RGB to greyscale
  • Removed baseFace_SSS_AO_Mask_pub_1001.png alpha channel
  • Added Additional built-in hairstyles (#h005, #h008, #h011)
  • Added baseball cap available on deformer recipe - View new hairstyles available and baseball cap here
  • 📘   Find out more about the didimo package here

    > Cloud API

  • Added extended information to ‘Get didimo’ endpoint response when a didimo is not found (after expiration or manual deletion).
  • 📘   Find out more about the Cloud API here

    > Unity SDK v3.5.0

  • Added 3 more hairstyles and a baseball cap
  • Improved hair rendering
  • Improved TTS animation blending
  • Initial support for full-body didimos
  • 📘   Find out more about the Unity SDK here

    > Showcase

    Web Showcase v1.0
  • Added New page on main website
  • Added View didimo head with annotation
  • Added View didimo full-body with annotations
  • View Website
    VR Showcase v1.2a
  • Added Meet A didimo scene
  • Added Inspect a didimo scene
  • Added Oculus Lipsync demo scene
  • Added Meeting demo scene
  • Improved performance for didimo rendering
  • Updated Didimo Unity SDK
  • Multi-user 10 didimos coming soon
  • AppLab Download