Platform Release 22#10


We're happy to release an update to our Customer Portal, Cloud API, CLI, DGP and Unity SDK. Details below

>> Release Highlights

  • Didimo is now in Unity Asset Store
  • Added 2 new hairs: 007 and 009
  • Improved didimo textures: albedo, normal and ambient occlusion maps.



> Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.8

  • Removed undesirable baked-in light from albedo textures
  • Improved normal and ambient occlusion maps
  • Fixed instability generating packages in FBX and glTF format
  • 📘   Find out more about the didimo package here

    > Cloud API

  • New "didimo-debug-id" header on every request
  • New "didimo-generator" header, which enables the identification of the DGP version that was used to fulfil the request
  • New metadata.json file include in every didimo packages
  • 📘   Find out more about the Cloud API here

    > Customer Portal

  • Fixed application removal UI issue, where a removed application would only be removed from the UI after a page refresh
  • 📘   Find out more about the Customer Portal here

    > Unity SDK v4.3.0

  • Fixed sample didimo scroller component
  • Added cloth shader
  • Fixed an issue with the DidimoLookAtController, where the pose wasn’t being correctly reset. Also made it behave more naturally
  • Added event to the mobile sample, that allows an iOS app to get notified when our Unity communication interface is ready
  • Always re-calculate bounds of submeshes, so e.g. eyes don’t disappear during animation
  • Removed eyelash shadows
  • Fixed issue with the share feature, where the scene was too dark
  • Added support for didimos with hair, straight from the glTF package
  • Added hair 007 and 009
  • Improved hair rendering quality
  • 📘   Find out more about the Unity SDK here

    > Didimo CLI v2.3.0

  • CLI is now compatible with multiple DGP versions (it will adapt to each DGP based on the selected API Key)
  • The expected didimo generated cost is now presented before the actual generation process starts executing
  • It's now possible to use a didimo package (instead of the DMX) as the input to the deformer actions
  • Fixed false error condition that happened on longer deformation requests
  • 📘   Find out more about the Didimo CLI here

    > Showcase

    Unity Asset Store
  • Added Didimo Female Avatars asset on the store
  • Added Didimo Male Avatars asset on the store
  • Male Avatars

    Female Avatars