The Didimo CLI is a developer tool that assists on using didimo API from your terminal. It's works on macOS, Windows and Linux and only requires Python 3 to be installed.


The CLI is written in Python 3 and is distributed as a package on PyPI, so it can be installed with pip. You may also find the code on our public Github repo.

pip3 install didimo-cli --upgrade # if you don't have a previous version already installed, you can omit the --upgrade

Create a new configuration and input your API Key. If you do not have an API Key, please refer to Generate an API Key.

didimo init <configuration name>

After setting up the CLI, you can check your account information.

didimo account

Now that the CLI is configured, let's generate a didimo based on a photo.

didimo new photo <path to the photo>

The CLI will wait for the didimo generation process to be completed and downloads the result as a zip file.
You can list your didimos with:

didimo list

Didimo generation

Generating a didimo may include several options, as described on Generate a New Didimo.
Didimo CLI currently accepts the following features (-f):

  • oculus_lipsync
  • simple_poses
  • arkit
  • aws_polly

In addition to those, it also accepts the definition of the maximum texture dimension (-m).

didimo new photo <path to the photo> -f simple_poses -f oculus_lipsync -m 2048

For further information on the available options and parameters, please use --help.

didimo --help

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