Platform Release 22#12


We're happy to release an update to our Customer Portal, Cloud API, CLI, DGP, iOS Showcase and Unity SDK. Details below

>> Release Highlights

  • New release (v4.0) of Didimo iOS Showcase allowing you to “Explore didimos” without requiring a sign-in and adding live MoCap capability.
  • Generate didimos with Hair, both in the API and Customer Portal.
  • New Asset Fitter tool that makes it possible to utilize garment assets from a 3rd party library to accessorise a didimo.
  • Customer Portal allows for the preview of glTF didimos in webGL viewer.
  • Added a third garment option: Business attire for male and female avatars.
  • Didimo CLI can batch generate didimos from a folder or zip archive of photos.
  • And many other improvements and fixes. Read below for more details.


Business attire option and new iOS Showcase release


> Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.9

  • **Added** option to include a user-selected hair asset (geometry and albedo/opacity texture) in the output FBX and glTF packages
  • **Added** Business garment options for male and female
  • **Removed** Left/RightHandPinky0 joints for better compatibility - body now has 70 joints
  • **Fitted **eyelash mesh to eyelid edge-loops on head mesh
  • **Fixed** eyelash opacity for glTF and FBX templates by adding eyeLash_BaseColorOpacity texture map
  • **Reduced** chest/bust volume on body mesh
  • **Fixed** body/garment intersections for glTF packages
  • **Fixed** unstable jawline estimation for subjects with beard
  • 📘   Find out more about the didimo package here

    > Cloud API

  • **Removed** the depth_encoding attribute from RGB-D didimo generation requests
  • **Added** option to request a didimo package which includes a predefined hair
  • **Added** support for background bulk didimo generations by uploading a zip with photos
  • **Added** new business garment as an option for full-body didimos
  • 📘   Find out more about the Cloud API here

    > Customer Portal

  • When generating a didimo, **user can select a hair option or baseball cap**
  • **Added** new business garment as an option for full-body didimos
  • **Removed** experimental depth_encoding option when generation didimos
  • **Added** support to generate didimos using a photo + depth files
  • **Added** icon on didimo cards to show if it is full-body or head-only
  • **Added** option to preview of glTF didimos in webGL viewer.
  • **Added** link between a transaction entry and its corresponding didimo
  • 📘   Find out more about the Customer Portal here

    > Unity SDK v4.4.8

  • **Added** new package - Asset Fitter to support accessorising didimos with 3rd party library assets
  • Textures can now be **shared** on gltf didimos
  • **Added** LegacyAnimationPoseController editor
  • **Added** new local deformer for didimo hair assets
  • **Added** generic body demo scene
  • **Improved** rendering quality
  • **Reduced** core package size
  • Changed didimos in project to **prefab variants**
  • Make **Didimo packages listable on UPM** through scoped registry
  • **Split **core sample into multiple samples
  • 📘   Find out more about the Unity SDK here

    > Didimo CLI v2.4.2

  • **Removed** the depth_encoding attribute from RGBD didimo generation requests
  • **Added** option to request a didimo package with hair or baseball cap
  • **Added** new business garment as an option for full-body didimos
  • **Added** option to execute batch didimo generation processes that accept folders or ZIP files as inputs
  • **Added** option to paginate didimo lists
  • **Added** option to list demo didimos
  • 📘   Find out more about the Didimo CLI here

    > Showcase


    Unity Asset Store

  • **New** - 2 free packages, each containing five (5) male or five (5) female full-body digital human avatars that can be used and animated in any 3D project.
  • Male Avatars

    Female Avatars

    Mobile Showcase v4.0

  • **All-New** *“Explore didimos”* section so you can easily see samples and test features, without requiring a sign-in.
  • **New** easy-test 3 sample didimo avatars
  • **New** idle animations
  • **Added** Live MoCap animation of didimo avatars
  • **Added** Drag & zoom to see fine details and quality
  • AppStore Download