Didimo Asset Fitter


The Didimo Asset Fitter (Beta) is a tool used to fit the apparel (clothing, accessories and hairstyle) of a 3rd Party avatar into a didimo. You choose the character with the accessories and any didimo of your choice, and transfer all the attire with the click of a button. This guide will teach how to find and use the tool, within our Unity SDK. You can download the Asset Fitter Package from the Didimo Github.



  1. Start by downloading the package that contains the Asset Fitter tool from the Didimo Github Repository.

  2. Import a 3rd party character into the Unity project.
    a. For Daz3D characters, you can import them by simply placing the exported fbx in the Unity project. However, we strongly recommend the use of the Unofficial Daz to Unity Bridge, as it simplifies the process and guarantees everything is imported correctly.
    i. The following images show the Export options you need to choose when using the Unofficial Daz to Unity Bridge. If you don't copy these export options, the Asset Fitter might not work in the intended way


Make sure you press "Show FBX Dialog" and click accept.


Uncheck the "Locks" and "Limits" boxes and click Accept.

b. The accessories need to be imported into Unity along with the human mesh shape, marked red on the following picture, i.e. the Asset Fitter won't work if you only import the accessories you want without the respective body associated.


This picture has the Genesis8Male mesh highlighted, which is mandatory, and all the apparel items that will be transfered. It also has the rig of the avatar.

  1. Find the Asset Fitter tool in the Didimo Manager: Window -> Didimo Manager -> Asset Fitter.

  2. Drag the imported character to the top slot. You can now inspect it using your mouse.

  3. Drag the didimo you want to dress to the bottom slot and click “Transfer Assets”.
    a. The tool recognizes characters for both genders in the two slots, so you can transfer your female attire to a male didimo or vice versa.
    b. The tool will only work using didimos in the glTF format.

  4. The new didimo output will be rendered in the current active scene.



We currently support the following list of 3rd Party characters and we are planning on introducing other avatar solutions in the future. We are happy to provide you the necessary files to make the tool work with your character, as long as you provide mandatory files with your clothed avatar.


If you are interested in fitting your avatar’s assets into a didimo, please contact: [email protected].

Currently supported 3rd Party Avatars:

  • DAZ3D’s Genesis8Male and Genesis8Female.

Currently unsupported apparel items (coming soon):

  • All facial items (facial hair, masks, glasses).
  • Accessories that are placed on the rig's hierarchy, in Daz3D.
  • Apparel items that adds new bones to the avatar's rig: They may be fitted using the tool, but won't be attached to the body, since they have their specific rig to be controlled.
  • High heels might produce unexpected results.

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