Platform Release 22#02


We're happy to release an update to our Customer Portal, Cloud API, CLI, DGP and Unity SDK. Details below

>> Release Highlights

  • Improvements to likeness when you request a didimo package (Didimo Specification)
  • You can now use much higher quality input photos (Check out out input photo guide here)
  • You have x3 more hairstyles to choose from (View Hairstyles)
  • You now get some developer portal links in your API error results to provides some interactive guidance on how to get passed the errors (Check out our Interactive GUI API)



> Customer Portal

  • Added support for higher resolution input photos (can now have up to 16MP)
  • 📘   Find out more about the Customer Portal here

    > Cloud API

  • Updated Input max resolution to 16MP
  • Added useful developer portal links in didimo generation requests error messages
  • 📘   Find out more about the Cloud API here

    > Didimo CLI v2.0.3

  • Fixed package downloads naming conventions
  • Improved help messages and documentation
  • 📘   Find out more about the Didimo CLI here

    > Didimo Generation Pipeline v2.5.4

  • Improved deep shape predictor model (re-trained for higher reconstruction score on validation data)
  • Improved eye fitting procedure (eyelid collision detection, pupils well centered on eye sockets)
  • Removed Hair stubble from output albedo texture
  • Added additional built-in hairstyles (#h004, #h006, #h010)
  • Updated hairstyle #h003 available on deformer recipe - View new hairstyles available here
  • 📘   Find out more about the didimo package here

    > Unity SDK v3.4.0

  • Added x3 hairstyles
  • Improved skin rendering
  • Improved eye rendering
  • Improved hair rendering and colour presets
  • Improved stability of SDK project import
  • Fixed a bug that would generate compile errors when the oculus package wasn't added to the main project
  • 📘   Find out more about the Unity SDK here