Didimo Caching

Didimo is fundamentally a generation platform; we perform the complexity of generating the complex 3D assets, not additionally storing and serving those to your users. Were we to also be used as a storage facility, this would only increase your reliance on our service, as well as creating a potential point of failure that was outside of your control (namely the access to your userbase's digital avatars).

As such, Didimo operates a 30-day storage term only. Once a didimo has resided on our servers for more than 30 days, it will be subject to deletion, unless it has been marked as a favourite within the Customer Portal or the Showcase App.

To this end, it is advisable to employ an automated process on your servers that triggers the download and storage of a didimo once the webhook is received notifying of the successful completion of a didimo and the download location.

What to download?

The relevant assets that result from a didimo generation process can be found both in the payload sent through the success webhooks and in the response from a Get a Didimo by Its Key request:

  • glTF and / or FBX, that can be found on transfer_formats;
  • deformer_dmx file, found on artifacts - this will be useful if you plan to use our Fitting Service later.