Didimo Versions

What is a Release Type?

We are constantly progressing our product quality and to do so - we release 'product versions' via three separate "release channels" with the main goal of being very clear about how stable and dependable each one is to enable you to build on top of our platform with confidence.

Build TypeAvailabilityCurrent Version
Canary Build4 weeksv2.5.14
Stable Build3 monthsv2.5.14
LTS Build2 yearsN/A

Release Types

Canary Build

These will be released regularly for customer access. These are 'fresh' and can come with breaking changes as well as instability issues. We welcome constant feedback on these.

This is the most unstable and will only last approx 2 or 4 weeks until the next canary build overwrites the lasts.

Stable Build

In order for our customers to build POC's using our latest developments, but BEFORE - we are ready to provide an LTS version (described below) we provide a release called "Stable"

This is as the name suggests - stable, in the sense that it is unchanging, but with no commitment to being defect-free which is the goal of an LTS release.

Stable builds are available each quarter.

LTS Build (Long Term Support)

We create LTS versions of our pipeline only after it is solid and battle-ready. LTS status is only achieved after rigorous testing and 'time in the wild' enabling our clients and partners to use these with a guarantee of stability and no surprises.


You select your release type and version when you create your API Key. Each key is 1:1 associated with a specific didimo release