Didimo Release Versions

The 2.5 didimo specification is not going to change dramatically, but it is being constantly optimised so future changes are certainly upstream.

These will be released through different channels to underpin both stability and progress.

Canary Builds

These will be released regularly for customer access. These are 'fresh' and can come with breaking changes as well as instability issues. We welcome constant feedback on these.

Canary builds are LTS versions in the making. Each Canary build builds on the last

to mature the release candidate to move into LTS mode where we will no longer make changes -

Long Term Support (LTS)

We create LTS versions of our pipeline only after it is solid and battle-ready. LTS status is only achieved after rigorous testing and 'time in the wild' enabling our clients and partners to use these with a guarantee of stability and no surprises.

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