Generate an API Key

Programmatic Access to the Platform


Quick Start Guide

Once you have Created Your Account

  1. Login to the Customer Portal.
  2. Navigate to Settings and toggle Developer Features to enable the section where you generate the API key.
  3. Navigate to Applications.
  4. Click the Create Application button.
  5. Click the Create API Key button.
  6. Download the Key and keep it secure.

After you have created your API Key

Explore, discover, use our API in multiple ways

Configure An API Key

  • First create an Application by selecting 'Create application' button
    • Set your Webhooks callback in order to retrieve the didimo as soon as it's been generated
    • Select which DGP version your key will access. Read more of which versions to target here

Create an application

  • Then create a new API key by selecting 'Create API key' button
    • Give a name that allows you to identify the use of the key
  • Get the API key information and keep it secure:
    • Download it; or
    • Copy to the clipboard