A quick summary of Didimo Package and Platform

Didimo Platform

Didimo is the only platform that allows you to bring high-quality digital humans to life in your experiences in as little as 60 seconds and at scalable quantities.

From inputs as simple as a selfie, our proprietary & patented Didimo Generation Pipeline—a modular set of computer vision, machine learning, 3D geometry, and texture & rigging tools—automates the creation of user-based digital humans. The output is an incredible likeness of your user, capable of high-fidelity animation and control. Our SDKs and tools make it easy to get your first didimo running in minutes.

Full-body didimos with different garments

Full-body didimos with different garments

The didimo package

Each didimo is delivered as a ZIP file, containing all the relevant data within it. Contained within the ZIP are the 3D meshes and rig, along with texture maps and license information.

Package formatFBX or glTFFormat
Package ProfileStandard (highest quality), Optimized (compressed textures) and Minimal (reduced set of textures)Package Profiles
Body typeFull-body or head onlyType
Body poseA-Pose or T-PoseBody bind poses
Number of meshes6Geometry
Number of triangles18984 (Full-body)Geometry
Number of joints: head138Animation Joints
Number of joints: body and clothing70Animation Joints
TexturesDepends on the profileStandard, Optimized and Minimal
HairstylesLibrary of 11 hairs and a Baseball CapGrooms and creating your own hairstyle
ClothingCasual, Sporty and Business attireGarments
Facial animation: Simple expressions6 basic expressions (happy, surprise, sad, anger, disgust, fear), plus eye blinks and jaw open posesAnimation
Facial animation: ARKit51 posesPoses and Unity Integration
Facial animation: AWS Polly TTS21 Poses for both AWS Polly and Microsoft Azure TTS servicesPoses, AWS Polly and Azure TTS Integrations
Facial animation: Oculus Lipsync15 PosesPoses and Unity Integration
Body animationMixamo compatibleBody animation in Unity

Platform Access: API, Tools and Integrations

The Didimo Platform offers an API that can automate the generation of high-quality avatars quickly from a single photo. The platform access includes several applications, SDKs, tools and showcases to ease integration and get you up and running in just a few minutes.

Cloud APIUse our Cloud API to generate high-quality digital humans, to extend the functionality of the SDKs or to create server side applications.API Docs , Recipes and Built for Enterprise documentation
Customer PortalThis web portal is your gateway to the Didimo Platform. You can create and administer your user account, generate an API Key, purchase and manage Access Packages, generate a didimos by uploading a photo or a zip of photos, manage all of your generated didimos, and much more.Customer Portal and its documentation
CLIThe Didimo CLI is a developer tool that assists in using the Didimo API from your terminal. It works on macOS, Windows and Linux and only requires Python 3 to be installed. Use our CLI to batch process or create bash scripts from if this is your thingRepo and Docs
Unity SDKThis SDK is a Unity package with the main focus of allowing you to load didimos in runtime, play facial and body animations and have the best visualisation of a didimo.Package , Repo and Docs
> Unity: Asset FitterThe Didimo Asset Fitter is a Unity tool used to fit the apparel (clothing, accessories and hairstyle) of a 3rd Party avatar into a didimo. You choose the character with the accessories and any didimo of your choice, and transfer all the attire with the click of a button. The Didimo Asset Fitter is an incremental service available to customers with a character generation contract. For additional details, please contact us.Docs
> Unity: Asset storeThese packages contains five (5) female and five male full-body digital human avatars that can be used and animated in any 3D project.Male and Female avatars
Unreal PluginThis SDK/Plugin main focus is allowing you to load didimos in editor mode, play facial and body animations and have the best visualisation of a didimo in Unreal EnginePlugin, SDK and quick start guide
Try a didimoA web based tool to generate to quickly your first didimo - no need for registrationHere
WebGL SDK - Coming SoonThis SDK will support to load didimos in runtime, play facial and body animations and have the best visualisation of a didimo in any WebGL supporting browser - both desktop and mobile.Coming Soon
Oculus VR ShowcaseThe Didimo VR Showcase is an Oculus Quest 2 interactive application that provides an overview of Didimo technology and various integrated features in a virtual reality environment.App Lab and Docs
iOS ShowcaseOur iOS Showcase is a simple and fast way for business decision makers to quickly make a basic didimo and see some of our key features including hair selection, eye color change and facial motion capture.App Store
Integration: NVidia Omniverse Audio2FaceUsers can generate facial animations on Omniverse’s Audio2Face from an audio file, and then play it on a didimo inside Unity engine.Tutorial
Integration: From didimo to MetahumanUsers can leverage a didimo avatar to generate a Metahuman character without the need for manual customization, using Unreal Engine's "Mesh to Metahuman" feature.Tutorial

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