Trial Access

Free Points

Upon signing up, your account will automatically start on the "Trial" account tier. This provides platform access with a limited number of free points to generate didimos for evaluation.

Access Level

Every account has access to a Demo didimo with ALL didimo capability to evaluate during testing.

But, didimos generated with Trial Access will have similar capabilities as those provided by Starter Access Package.

For example, when using the API to generate a didimo - you can return a didimo with EVERYTHING included, such as ARKit, Oculus LipSync and AWS Polly compatibility.

Please note that if you proceed to Upgrade Your Account you will need the Advanced or Enterprise Package to get the same capability as those shown in the Demo didimo.

Commercial Usage

didimos generated during the trial are not licensed for commercial usage, but please do use and distribute within your company for evaluation purposes.

For any testing beyond this trial and for didimos that can be used commercially, you must Upgrade Your Account.