Unreal Engine Plugin (Preview)

Welcome to our Unreal Engine Plugin

Following your decision to download the Didimo Plugin from our servers or Unreal marketplace - our goal is to make the experience as smooth as possible, to get you to fully experience didimos (our avatars) in the Unreal Engine, so you can start building your software. After installing the Plugin, didimos can be imported into the project by simple drag-and-drop at edit time.

The Didimo Unreal Engine Plugin is an Unreal Plugin with the main focus of allowing to import and visualize didimos, and also have them animated.

Transfer Formats

A didimo comes in either FBX or glTF format. We strongly encourage you to use the FBX format in Unreal Engine, as the Plugin is prepared to allow for the materials to be correctly set up when importing. This format also allows to specify named animation tracks, which integrate directly into the facial animation system