Upgrade Your Account

Access Packages

Purchasing Access Packages gives you 30-day access to the platform (known as the 'term limit') and comes with a maximum points usage (known as a 'fair usage limit'). These packages can be purchased directly through the Customer Portal using a credit card.

Please review the available packages to evaluate the most suitable option for you. In addition to different levels of fair usage limit, each package offers access to different generation variables.

Once an access package is purchased, your account automatically reflects the new package tier and any generated didimos will have a suitable license for usage.

Access Period

Access Packages expire with the 30-day term limit. Any unused fair usage limit is lost when the package expires.


Access Packages that reach their fair usage limit will allow your account to remain in that tier until the end of the term limit, but you will no longer be able to generate didimos.

Usage Rights

Any didimos generated using an Access Package will have rights under the T&Cs that extend beyond the Access Package term limit (i.e., there is no ongoing requirement for paid usage beyond the point of generation).

Multiple Access Packages

When multiple Access Packages are owned concurrently, the account Tier will be defined by the largest Access Package currently active.

When multiple Access Packages are owned concurrently, points used in the generation of didimos will always be deducted from the Access Package with the shortest remaining term limit.