Didimo Platform Overview

This page will help you get started with Didimo.

The Platform


Our core product is a Digital Human. We call this a didimo.

We have built a digital human generation pipeline, that turns a single selfie into a fully animatable 3D Digital Human within 70 seconds.

  • To find out more about the specification of the digital human - read the technical specification here
  • We're proud to offer Long-term Support (LTS) to provide peace of mind that what you integrate into your experiences will be supported and maintained over fixed and scheduled periods.
  • We're building out foundation hairstyles to get you up and running as quickly as possible

Platform Access

We provide Platform Access in two ways.

  1. You buy points which you consume via API requests to request different levels of didimo digital human capability.
  2. We provide the tools to generate, download, load and animate your didimo digital human

For pricing, head over to our Pricing page to find out more.

  • Download our Unity SDK or Unreal SDK
  • Use our Cloud API to extend the functionality of the Unity SDK or to create server side applications.
  • Use our CLI to batch process or create bash scripts from if this is your thing
  • Read up on our Best Practices to get the best integration experience with the highest quality digital humans


We aim to deliver digital humans for everyone and transform how we communicate online. We understand this requires lots of hard work to get things just right for our customers.

  • We spend a huge amount of time building integrations so our customers don't have to. Check out our ARKit, AWS Polly and Oculus Quest 2 integrations here
  • Performance is everything. Check out our didimo realtime benchmarks as well as our Generation Time benchmarks - both of which we are always working to get lower and lower.
  • Long-term Support (LTS) is available for enterprise customers


Our goal is to deliver believable, quick to generate, real-time performant, and highly animatable digital humans. This isn't possible without a highly effective team.

We're organised to deliver constant and stable customer value into the market.

Our Value Proposition

What’s Next

Let's get you started on creating an account, and creating your first didimos